A look back at 2023

January 6, 2024 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Happy New Year from New Zealand! This is a schedulded post

2023 was amazingly dense. Here's a snapshot of my walk through the year.

Computer science

Web development

Thanks to FreeCodeCamp and W3Schools I made first steps with JavaScript libraries like React and jQuery and with CSS libraries like Bootstrap and Sass. React in particular was quite a challenge but in the end it was a good introduction to the component world, I feel like it will be very useful - and that is just the beginning.

Also, after proof-reading the two books that were released at les éditions du samedi in October, I went back into building EPUBs. I’m more comfortable in this exercise now I’m more familiar with command line (for executing epubcheck for instance) and since I’ve refreshed my HTML/CSS knowledge. I'm rather happy with the result!

Last but not least, I made progress in understanding and utilizing GitHub for Qwixx project and some others, like making my first pull request. I'm also discovering how Bludit is built and the existing plugins, for example I installed Disqus to allow comments!


My Raspberry Pi, transformed into a server thanks to Yunohost, crashed due to its SD card that was corrupted. I rebooted it and now try to maintain it better than I did. I’m proud I found what the issue was and study how to prevent it. It was also the occasion of finding where to configure IPV6 ports and how to access the www folder via an FTP client.

My laptop is aging and the lack of memory made it freeze when coding or surfing on Firefox so I found out I could gently reboot as well as allow some more memory with a “swap file”. I’m happy I can make my computer last a little longer. My father-in-law also helped me with the electricty supply which was flickering.


I try to be patient. I try to be kind to myself. These are not my strongest skills and I often feel like I'm wasting precious time trying to resolve a problem or understand a concept without making progress. Fortunately my wife* helps me and encourages me. Future me, please remember you have the right to find a topic challenging. Give it the time it needs and let it rest for a while if you feel you're stuck.

On the other hand, I think I'm rather good at planning. I'm happy I found a way to make progress on the Qwixx project by cutting it down to managable improvments (adding controls on user input), one step at a time. I also find it useful to blog on what I learn, at the moment (searching, explaining with my words) and later on (I'm often looking for previous posts for Boilerplates or Flexbox for instance!).

Aaand there's work as well. 4 days a week, not nothing! I was not far away from a burn out at the beginning of the year but it was better and brighter on the end. There is some projects to come I'm very excited about and I feel I'm more efficient with my programming skills (on XSLTs) and with understanding how things go together.


Well, it's been a year that a close friend is imprisoned. He’s keeping up. I would very much like to hug him again. Also on the dark side, my wife lost a childhood friend and my best friend lost her father-in-law. I did my best to give them support. Show love when you can!

*Yes, on the bright side the big news is that I got married! It was a lot of stress, of money and prep but well, love shines above all haha It was a beautiful and rainy and awesome day but wah, this is exhausting and neverending (thank you cards to send!)

What's next?

In 2024 I'll take a University course on my free time. So I think I'll continue learning web development!

What I'd like to achieve on computer science side:

  • writing article about jQuery
  • home server: autosave on dedicated USB key
  • laptop: add memory
  • Qwixx project: release v1, work on planning for v2
  • obtain my degree