A look back at 2022

January 8, 2023 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The end of year came so quickly I did not find the time to write a short recap. So here it is!

on a very personal perspective

  • enjoyed my new flat, city and friends
  • been anxious about a Schrödinger close friend

2023 expectations: friends & family being well; my wedding being happy

on a hobby perspective

  • read 40 books. Outsanding ones: Celle qui a tous les dons (M.R. Carey), La Force des femmes (Denis Mukwege Mukengere), Figures du communisme (Frédéric Lordon), Château l'Attente, tome 2 (Linda Medley) and L'été à Kingdom Fields (Jon McNaught)
  • failed to write a nanowrimo novel, take some time playing guitar or knit

2023 expectations: none in particular

on a volunteering work perspective

2023 expectations: publish one book

on a learning perspective

  • started refreshing my web knowledge by taking FreeCodeCamp courses
  • said byebye to Windows, welcome to Manjaro

2023 expectations: continue, finish projects, earn certifications

on a working perspective

  • reached almost 10,000km in train, most of it to reach the office 2 days a week
  • improved my xslt and audio distribution knowledge

2023 expectations: see how it goes with 1 night per month in Paris